Lighting Upgrades

LED Lighting Upgrades

Don’t leave your brand in the dark. Transform important areas to deliver a safer, more pleasant customer experience while protecting the environment and saving money.

Is your brand taking advantage of energy efficient lighting? If not, we need to talk. We can help achieve extended lighting lifetimes, reduce required maintenance and deliver a return on investment due to lower energy consumption and energy bills.

Let us show you how many industrial and commercial customers are choosing LED due to environmental benefits. The differences between LED and legacy lighting sources, like HID, are vast. LEDs consume much less energy resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gases. LEDs last exponentially longer than legacy metal halide or fluorescent sources and up to sixty times longer than incandescent sources. Safety and security are important benefits as well.  Some studies indicate lower crime rates in well-lit areas and we all want our customers to feel safe and protected.

Lighting Upgrades  
  • Photometric Surveys
  • Installation Management
  • Recommendations & Budgeting
  • Rebate Coordination
  • Procurement
  • Warranty Administration


Contact The InSite Group to manage your lighting projects including:

  • Parking lot lighting upgrades

  • Exterior building lighting upgrades

  • Sign illumination upgrades