Calhoun's Lights Up The Night Sky!
How we helped this restaurant to be seen from the ground and space!


Although there is technically no “proof” that they can be seen from space, they definitely lit up the night sky from our drone overhead! 


Since 1983 Calhoun’s has been a well known, award winning steakhouse and BBQ restaurant with multiple locations in Knoxville and throughout East Tennessee. Through references and established  business connections The InSite Group (TIG) was asked to execute a full LED parking lot lighting upgrade on eight of their locations.  


The InSite Group’s field service team performed a preliminary photometric night survey to establish the current lighting quality and assets to develop a plan to effectively light their large parking areas.

TIG’s maintenance and lighting team procured all lighting fixtures from a highly trusted resource, Hubbell Lighting, oversaw the installation, performed quality control and provided removal and disposal of all existing fixtures. We also serve them by administering their manufacturers warranties and providing maintenance and break/fix services going forward. 

We contracted our local skilled, professional lighting partners to complete the installation. They successfully executed the project with no complications and on time for a grand opening reveal on one of the locations. 



Calhoun’s experienced immediate cost savings due to our ability to negotiate pricing with vendors and installers as well as our macro approach in pricing to meet the clients budget.

The return on investment (ROI) through increased life cycle of the LED’s, sizable savings on maintenance costs and the reduction of electricity used will continue to save the client thousands of dollars for years to come.  

Calhoun’s was able to take advantage of a cost savings offering by the local power company through rebates for an additional savings!  Check with your local power company for these offerings.



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