We Help Build Homes
How did we do that for Clayton Homes?


Ok, so maybe we don’t literally “build” the homes, but we do shed a lot of light onto the homes they build. With consistent signage branding, a lighting upgrade and on-call sign break/fix & maintenance we ensure their homes are always the main attraction.


Clayton Homes, part of the Berkshire Hathaway multinational conglomerate, has built more than 1.5 million homes since 1934 and is one of the country’s largest home builders. The InSite Group has been a part of Clayton’s signage and maintenance program for over 7 years. From asset surveys, to full lighting upgrades, the installation of new signage and on-call signage maintenance, we continue to service over 400 locations on going.


The InSite Group performed asset surveys to establish the inventory of each sign and it’s lighting hardware, as well as give recommendations suggesting a family of signage that would optimize the branding needs of the customer, while following the codes pertinent to that location.

During the full service signage program we took on the project management responsibility including everything from managing subcontractors, purchasing required materials, overseeing logistics and delivery of materials to each site as well as maintaining inventory and returned unused products for credit. We refurbished and utilized as many existing signs and field returns as possible to reduce waste and control spending.

By using our proprietary “secret sauce” software, SytLogic, we were able to provide photo documentation of the project all the way through the completion of work. This enables us to have historical data to manage their service calls in less time.



The management of their full service sign program reduced the inventory and cost by refurbishing old signs to like-new condition, while providing a consistent brand across the nation.

The quality of products increased the life expectancy of lighting from 12k to 60k hours.

The upgrade has continued to provide significant energy savings and reduced maintenance cost per year. In less than 5 years the client will see a ROI for the lighting upgrade.


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