No need to shop around, our clients know where to go for their surveys!
We produced great results for this large grocery store chain!



Our client has trusted us with their survey projects, large and small, for several years. When they came to us with the opportunity to survey 180 sites for a large grocery chain, we knew it would be a challenge we could handle.We did whatever was necessary to get the job done and on time. 



The InSite Group prepared for the survey by adding staff to ensure timely quality control. Our field service supervisors did extensive on-site training with our surveyors to ensure they understood the intense scope of the project.

A customized work flow application was created to manage the collection and reporting of data via deployed tablets. Using our web-based portal, SytLogic, our team of quality control personnel could monitor the progress in real time and were able to speak to installers while on site to resolve any questions or issues that could prevent return visits or miscounts. Our clients have 24/7 access to their information via a custom portal designed for them and their project.

The survey consisted of 2 surveyors on site for 4/6 hours, collecting 4,500 photo and data points on both the exterior and interior of the premises.



In preparation for a rebranding, the survey afforded the grocer the ability to collect the data needed to account for space needs and allocation, understand their current asset counts and conditions, and begin the budgeting process for the conversion.

Due to our performance on the most extensive survey to date with our client, they came away with a firm grasp that we are the right partner and deliver exactly what we say we will.

We have a long standing relationship with our client. They are confident we are dedicated to their needs and will continue to cultivate a prosperous partnership.






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