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Why GSP counts on us, to count for them!



When they needed a strong partner to perform surveys for their  client, GSP jumped on board with The InSite Group! For several years, we have delivered the information they need to provide marketing  design services to retailers, transforming their visions into reality.  By creating attention-getting fixtures, displays, photography, menu boards and more, they help their client customers engage by providing a more enticing shopping experience. 



Our Xpress division has managed on-going survey projects for over 1,200 locations of the national chain of convenient stores. 

A custom survey of over 540 data points was created to gather the information needed for their marketing materials.  Interior and exterior photo tours, number of entrances, food warmers and fuel pump signage are some examples of the data collected.

The InSite Group dedicates a team of trained Quality Control experts who ensure each site is reviewed timely for accurate data collection.



GSP uses the data collected to develop targeted marketing materials, enabling them to create a retail solution suitable for their potential client needs.

Our powerful project management tool, SytLogic, is used for the internal management, field data collection, and quality control of information.  That data syncs with GSP’s Accustore twice per day to provide their client with the information they need to make critical decisions. 

The strong partnership developed between The InSite Group and GSP gives them peace of mind that each project will be consistently smooth, inside budget, and completed on time.





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