We Get a Work-Out Surveying These Stores!
How these clients can count their savings thanks to us!


GSP Retail reached out to The InSite group in 2017 to help manage surveys for FGL’s SportChek and Atmosphere retail stores across the U.S. and Canada. The surveys take place twice a year before the new seasonal product roll-outs. How do we do it? Just watch.


GSP has many strategic offerings to provide retailers with visual merchandising solutions. They looked to The InSite Group to perform ongoing surveys at each of the stores. The scope of the project involved over 200 sites ranging from moderately sized retail stores to multi-story flagship stores. We surveyed over 1,100 data points at each location.


The InSite Group sent a designated Project Manager and Director of Field Services to the test site to train and learn the process from top to bottom. Then we designated a team of surveyors in each region and gave them thorough training. Each survey took between 8-10 hours to complete.

We designed a custom app with a check list to input the data as it was collected and automatically upload to our web-based portal SytLogic. This allowed a team of quality control personnel to monitor the process in real time. Our team was able to speak with the installers while they were on site in case there were any issues, thus preventing return visits and miss-counts. The client also had access to SytLogic 24/7 so they could follow the progress as well.

Once a site was complete our QC staff created a floor plan based off of hundreds of photos to diagram each area of the store and the products displayed there. Our CAD department then created final drawings so GSP could provide a solid foundation for FGL to create merchandising strategies in each department.


The InSite Group has been performing thorough surveys twice a year, giving GSP the confidence and peace of mind that they are working with a reliable partner.

FGL is able to save time and money with accurate data, hundreds of photos and a comprehensive floor plan to manage their inventory and visual merchandising.

Client access to SytLogic has proven to be is a huge asset so they can monitor the project 24/7 and address concerns as they occur.








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