Lacking Data? Let Us Fill In The Blanks!
How GM used our data to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.



General Motors creates and distributes marketing materials and elements for 4,269 Certified Service centers in dealerships across the U.S. Many of these items were not being implemented for multiple reasons. Service departments are an important profit center so GM was very motivated to ensure that as many dealers as possible participated in all marketing programs. With limited data on existing conditions at each dealership, they needed a mass survey to photograph, measure and audit all the service centers.


GM teamed up with their image partner, DCI Marketing, and the InSite Group to create a scope of work and implementation plan for surveying 4,269 dealerships in all 50 states.

The InSite Group began by developing a master plan that would include a repeatable survey model to leverage program volume resulting in a significant cost savings.

A custom mobile app was created to deliver information on a 170 point survey from each location. The information was uploaded to our proprietary web portal SytLogic where the client could access each site and run executive summaries and detailed status reports in real-time, 24/7.

To provide proof of concept and performance capabilities a 12 site Beta test was performed. Once the application was perfected, five trainers were retained and then released to train the remaining 41 surveyors in the field. A dedicated QC team was created to review massive amounts of data coming in from the field, up to 140 locations per day.



The InSite Group’s customized app and 24/7 access to the web portal Sylogic enabled the client to monitor the process on their end to help The InSite Group make on the fly adjustment to prevent repeat visits and increased cost.

The quality of training given to our contracted surveyors in field led to a successful completion inside of the budget and deadline. 

Armed with current site conditions, GM could implement their new marketing initiative called “Revolutionizing the Service Lane Experience”

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