When It Comes to Installs, There's Only One InSite Group!


Do you have a project with a tight deadline? The InSite Group will take your results "to infinity, and beyond!"



Let's face it, deadlines aren't for everyone. Don't run your batteries down trying to handle it on your own - Do what our client did, and let The InSite Group take over! With the release of Toy Story 4 in theaters, our client needed displays installed at over 50 of America's largest big box store, and only two weeks to complete the entire job.



Our project manager took the reins, and utilizing our vetted national network of installers, created a team to efficiently tackle the project. Each site required five elements to be installed: hanging signs, door vinyl, customer photo ops, end caps, and shroud covers. Lifts were required for the hanging signs, so two installers were required at each site to ensure the safety of our teams. The installs happened overnight to avoid the rush during the day, and took around 4 hours to complete each site. After the installs, our Xpress QC team conducted quality checks on each site to ensure the elements were installed correct.



Our Xpress division displayed strong project management by working around a very tight time frame, resulting in completing the project on time and on budget. Our client stayed in the loop by utilizing Sytlogic, our web-based portal that allows access to the project status anytime by viewing reports and photos, being able to track progress from start to finish. Our client continues to choose The InSite Group for their project management needs, knowing they've got a [reliable] friend in us!





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