InSite Group, Assemble!


(Just one of our many superpowers!)


 Do you ever wish a project was as simple as saying "Avengers assemble"?! When you're working with The InSite Group, it is!


With the final Avenger's film release in theaters quickly approaching, our client challenged us with installing decorative elements in America's largest box store on a tight deadline. We installed hanging signs, photo ops, door vinyl, end cap signs, and shroud covers. Each site required two installers to operate the lifts for the hanging signs, working overnight so to avoid the rush during the day. We covered 50 sites in 2 weeks!



How did we conquer such a daunting task? Our seasoned project manager recruited, trained, and oversaw every aspect of this project, including coordinating lift rentals, product delivery, and coordination. Our installers went to each site, spending 4 hours installing each element, taking pictures of the finished product for our Xpress QC Team to review and approve.



By using our network of installers and relying upon our expertise, our client experienced the peace of mind they've come to know over the many years they've trusted us with their projects. Using our web-based portal, Sytlogic, they stayed in the loop, getting reports, and photos 24/7. Among the many benefits of working with The InSite Group, the installation happened on time, and on budget.

Working with The InSite Group just might be easier than saying "Avengers, assemble!" after all!





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