Ship Where You Shop at Office Depot!
Find out how FedEx got Xpress services from us!


Office Depot is “Taking care of business” by offering a ship where you shop option with their partner FedEx. By offering drop off services 7 days a week and evenings, they make it easy to get that contract in by the deadline or get that gift to Grandma on time! 



Office Depot, Inc. is a leading provider of business services, supplies, products and technology solutions through it’s omni-channel platform of approximately 1,500 stores and online services nationwide. Office Depot partnered with FedEx offering yet another service solution. MDI Worldwide counted on The InSite Group to roll-out 169 stores where FedEx signage  had not yet been installed. 



The InSite Group managed the 169 store roll-out of framed window signage to inform customers of the shipping services through FedEx. Some locations received lit signs for better night visibility.

The project required all sites to be complete within a 45 day window. Utilizing our nationwide installer network we were able to easily meet this deadline. 

Due to hurricanes in the Caribbean stores and the inability to communicate with our installers, there were some delays in completing those locations. However, as soon as the weather calmed we were able to go right in and get the job done.  



The InSite Group demonstrated strong project management and the ability to work around an uncontrollable situation, still resulting in completing the project inside of the expected time frame and budget. 

MDI was able to utilize our online portal, SytLogic, to monitor the progress of the installations through photos and reports 24/7 until complete.  

The client had peace of mind that their relationship with Office Depot as well as The InSite Group was strong going forward and toward future projects.




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