How Macy's Got Roped in by Wrangler
They proved good ol' Western charm works!


Wrangler can’t help but be charming, it’s in their ‘jeans’! After a lot of work they were finally able to get valuable real estate on Macy’s sales floor. They also had a reliable installation company to help roll-out their well known brand in style.



Wrangler is a brand name that has been familiar in most homes since the 1940’s. Wrangler has widened their footprint from primarily western retailers to many department stores across the world such as sporting good retailers, Sears, Walmart and now Macy’s. The InSite Group has partnered with AMD performing roll-outs on over 200 Macy stores nationwide and we anticipate more as additional stores are brought on board.  



The project involved installations including branded fixtures, nesting tables, T-bars, rolling racks and back wall shelving with POP displays.   Our skilled installers were tasked with meeting the trucks, unloading, unpacking and installation in the early morning hours prior to opening and in time for merchandisers to stock the displays. 

During the first roll-out challenges were met when scheduled delivery drops were delayed, shortening our installation time.  Our Project Manager went over-and-beyond the scope of work during the next roll-out to ensure deliveries would be on-time.



AMD has further gained confidence in The InSite Group’s ability to manage their client roll-outs while handling challenges as they occur.  

Wrangler was finally able to solidify and define a footprint in Macy’s stores. The InSite Group has been there to make it happen over again, on budget and within the deadlines every time. 

The client was able to monitor the roll-out in real time using our online portal, SytLogic. They were able to view photos, schedules and quality control 24/7.  




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