Who Does InTown Suites Love? 
The InSite Group, that's who!


We stepped outside of our typical box on this project! We were asked by the CEO of InTown Suites to create a mobile marketing tool, so that’s what we did by mounting a set of EMC’s on a utility trailer!  The displays will be pulled by an antique panel truck, making this message a hard one to miss!



InTown Suites is a loyal client that has trusted The InSite Group with several projects including a full sign conversion, sign maintenance, and now this unique marketing tool to take on the road.  The generator powered, trailer mounted, Electronic Message Centers (EMC) are designed to dynamically display their brand messages on the road, at shows or anywhere they want to drive business to their hotels. 



The InSite Group was presented with a concept to create a trailer mounted EMC to use as a site specific marketing tool.  We were given parameters of the trailer size and a broad reference of the EMC, replicating a unit installed by The InSite Group at one of their hotels. 

Multiple stages of design drawings were created by The InSite Group’s CAD department for approval, starting with basic line drawings, formal drawings to spec, then finalized engineering drawings used to build the unit. 

The design had to take into consideration specific challenges such as the trailer’s weight load capabilities and the weight and method of installing the mounting structure and EMC’s combined. This would affect the handling of the trailer in motion and the overall stability of the unit.

The InSite Group procured all elements of the project and oversaw the manufacturing process to ensure quality control. The assembly and construction was performed by a local Knoxville sign company. 



The finished project provided an attractive mobile marketing tool that is self contained and operated by an on-board generator or ground power. 

We demonstrated to the client our ability to create a unique one-off project. 

The InSite Group managed the process from start to finish giving InTown Suites one job, create a concept and turn it over to us for execution with the peace of mind that it would be completed successfully.  





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