How We Can Put Pep in Your Step
We got a thumbs up from Manny, Moe & Jack!


When Innomark Communications needed to ensure a smooth re-brand transition they called on us. Here’s how we put pep in their step:


The Insite Group (TIG) has an on-going relationship with Innomark Communications working on projects like re-branding Pep Boys parts stores spanning over the course of three years, as well as many other successful installations. Innomark delivers visual marketing solutions that attract, engage, and convert.


The InSite Group partnered with Innomark to create a comprehensive installation guide geared toward creating a respectable process across the country.

TIG Field Supervisors were trained on the scope of work through hands on experience. The supervisors are deployed across the country to train field resources for full deployment. Our dedicated Project Managers and Field Supervisors are on call to troubleshoot any issues in the field.

All scheduling, reporting and deliverables are made available to Innomark and Pep Boys through our custom web portal, SytLogic.



The fresh new look the graphics have created is a cleaner, more pleasant shopping experience.

Clear visibility of schedules, photos and documentation are available 24/7 through our web portal ensuring the client will always know the status of each project.

The hands on field training has been valuable in reducing the number of mistakes and return trips due to installer oversight.

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